My Team and I: A Journey Through Life While Wearing Vikings Shirts

A Step of Independence I was born into a non-sports-loving (aka logical) household in Colorado Springs. The idea of emotionally investing in a violent sport played by millionaire strangers was something my parents simply weren’t into – silly, I know! But for whatever reason, I loved it. The complexity of the rules, the intricacy of … More My Team and I: A Journey Through Life While Wearing Vikings Shirts

Jesus and Your Small Town Drama

THE BEAUTY OF SMALL TOWN CHRISTIANITY Everything about small town living is characterized by familiarity. A quick trip to the grocery store is certain to involve multiple conversations with friends and neighbors. Social, school, and church schedules are structured around the well-worn traditions of hunting, the town’s big 4th of July celebration, Missoula Children’s Theater, … More Jesus and Your Small Town Drama

Racism and Homosexuality

News Sparking the Conversations One month ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, violence broke out when a white supremacist rammed his car into a crowd, resulting in one death and 19 injuries. This sparked a nationwide discussion about racism, hate crimes, and the responsibilities of those in positions of influence to address these issues. Within the church, … More Racism and Homosexuality