20 Reasons I Love Living In Troy, MT

  1. Every day, no matter where I go, I get to see natural wonders that many people in the world will never get to witness.

  1. I get to serve as a part of a congregation where I personally know each person and family well enough that my prayers for them don’t feel like an impersonal checklist, but pleading to our Father on behalf of people who are truly family.

  1. Eating $3.00 breakfast burritos at Main Street Perk.

  1. Participating in the high school mentorship program, where every senior student is matched up with a mentor from the community.

  1. Arguing endlessly that Yaak Falls > Kootenai Falls.

  1. Getting to contribute to the many incredible ministries of Camp Elohim, from teaching Bible college courses to counseling for the summer camps.

  1. Never getting stuck in traffic. EXCEPT…

  1. Going to our 4th of July parade, party (including a shooting competition), and fireworks.

  1. Paying less for a mortgage on a brand new, 2,000 square foot house on an acre of land than we used to pay for an old, 700 square foot apartment in a sketchy neighborhood.

  1. Working among a Christian community who genuinely pray for and encourage one another.

  1. Hiking to Leigh Lake.

  1. Having the biggest political controversy be over a gas station’s use of a block’s length of 2nd Street.

  1. Learning from locals about being a “Jack of All Trades.” Seriously, these guys fix their own vehicles, repair their own homes, plant their own gardens, hunt their own meat, etc. Speaking of that…

  1. Being outdone in the hunting department by 6th graders.

  1. Coming home in the middle of winter to a home heated by wood harvested from our own land.

  1. Stargazing on a crystal clear summer night.

  1. Always seeing someone I know whenever I go to the grocery store.

  1. Paying $10 a YEAR for access to the activity building where we can play racquetball whenever we want.

  1. Learning all the stories that have brought people here – some were born here, many left behind big corporate jobs in large cities for a quieter life, others are just here during the summer… they’re all fascinating.



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