Less than a Thousand

“We’re moving to Troy, Montana.”

When my wife and I shared this news with friends and family, the conversation that followed would move along a predictable path.

Other person: Where’s that?

Us: In the northwest corner of the state.

Other person: Oh, like Glacier National Park!

Us: Well, it’s actually 2.5 hours west of there.

Other person: Wow! I thought Montana ended just west of Glacier!

Us: Nope.

Other person: So it’s probably a small town, like less than 40,000, right?

Us: Small town? Yes. But more like less than 1,000 people.

Other person: …

Us: We’ll miss you!

Education, employment, and entertainment all seem to be monopolized by urban centers. Naturally, young people of the past several generations have followed the opportunity of the city. Which all begs the question:

Why move to a small town when everyone else our age is moving away from such places?

The answer, on the one hand, is simple. It is the initial reason, the prompt, that caused us to leave everything we knew in a trendy and culturally diverse place like Portland in order to come to Troy – we believe that the Lord has called us to serve Him here. Much of the content you’ll find in the future on this site will be related to this sense of calling. So here you will find not only posts about gospel ministry in general, but also thoughts on preaching, discipleship, evangelism, and leadership training with a specific focus on a small town context.

But there’s also another aspect to this journey – the shades and nuances of why we’re here that can only be uncovered as we live. The providential places we’ve been, the stories we’ve heard, the food we’ve eaten, the views we’ve taken in, that we could never have planned or anticipated. That will be the other side of this blog. Posts about life, love, friendship, and adventure in small town America.

I don’t know what will come of this small town adventure.

I don’t know what will come of this blog.

But I know there will be joy and beauty along the way.



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